What is Search Engine Optimization

Most of use are already aware that there different forms of marketing, traditional and online marketing. People are now favouring online marketing instead of traditional marketing to reach out their target audiences and also non-target audiences. It is cheaper to engage and provides more communication to the audiences. Online marketing is also more flexible to amend and make changes to as everything is simply done online.

Within online marketing there are various forms like the search engine side and the social media side. In the social media side, advertisement and social media posts are published to reach out to the target users. However, in this site, we are going to focus the search engine side, specifically search engine optimisation otherwise known as SEO.

So what is search engine optimisation? It is the leveraging of the search engines to market contents to the maximum number of the target audience. It is increasing the rankings of the webpage to that it would be shown as the top 10 ranking in search engines. It is usually done with the help of keywords that act as pointers to the subject content.  Generally, if an article or post have the keywords appearing a couple of times in a webpage’s articles or posts, the search engines crawlers can identify and show the page to the users. It is all about increasing the ranking of the page.

Of course, optimisation is not limited to just keywords; there are plenty of other ways. This site can show you the various ways, the purpose and the benefits of search engine optimisation and thus show you how important it is to increase brand awareness towards other people.