Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the main difference between Paid versus organic results?

A: Paid results involve payment by the advertisers to the search Engines for displaying their ads. Organic results are free of cost results thrown by the search engines for every query

Q: Should the domain name be optimized with keywords?

A: No. Not required. The domain name can represent the exact business you are in

Q: What is the role of Meta Description in SEO?

A: Meta Description plays a crucial role in SEO since it gives the user a brief summary of what that page shown is about.

Q: Is there any restriction on the number of times a keyword can be used in the content?

A: Though there is no maximum limit set for the use of keywords, excessive usage of keywords is usually considered as ‘keyword stuffing’. This is penalized.

Q: What is the maximum number of internal links one can have on their website?

A: You can have any number of internal links as long as the same improves the quality of user experience

Q: Does one require coding knowledge to do SEO on their website?

A: Coding knowledge is not required for doing basic SEO.